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Tenant CAM Services

LeaseProbe/Real Diligence assists tenants with CAM auditing services, a time-consuming and exacting process that requires deep knowledge of both real estate accounting and legal lease interpretation. From our years of experience conducting due diligence, we know that landlords often over-bill their tenants for CAM charges. LeaseProbe/Real Diligence's desktop CAM audits thoroughly review the tenant's:

  • Operating expenses
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • CAM structure
  • Obligations
  • Payment methodology

Our desktop audits often uncover errors that can result in significant savings to the tenant. LeaseProbe/Real Diligence's team of experienced attorneys and accountants can directly negotiate with the landlord, assertively seeking the appropriate refund amount while being ever mindful of the importance of the landlord/tenant relationship.

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