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Real Diligence, LLC specializes in Distressed Debt Acquisitions and Management, offering a full range of auditing and transaction services. Exceptional opportunities are emerging for those interested in making distressed debt acquisitions. But this is a real estate market fraught with difficulties and full of unknowns. When considering the purchase of distressed notes, investors need to fully understand the potential benefits and risks that are present in both the troubled mortgages and the underlying real estate assets.

Real Diligence will ensure that you get the answers before you commit to a purchase. We compile critical documents, scrutinize financial records and carefully evaluate past performance, growth potential and possible trouble spots. And we have the expertise to close purchases quickly through a proven transaction management process focused on the critical components of these acquisitions. Our Distressed Debt Acquisitions and Management services include:

  • Loan evaluation
  • Loan abstracting
  • Underlying property due diligence
  • Title services
  • Post-acquisition foreclosure services
  • Comprehensive summary reports
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