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Cost Segregation Studies

Madison SPECS, LLC (Specialized Property Engineering and Cost Segregation) is a company uniquely focused on providing cost segregation services to its clients. Our experienced team of accounting, engineering and tax experts work to ensure that you obtain the greatest tax benefits from your real estate holdings.

Many companies in cost segregation emphasize either a tax approach or an engineering approach. Madison SPECS integrates the two approaches. Our in-house engineers have decades of experience identifying and determining the value of eligible assets, using the most widely accepted sources of construction cost information, such as RS Means. And our tax experts and accountants follow the most recent depreciation guidelines issued by the IRS.

A properly designed cost segregation study is designed to:

  • Reclassify real property expenditures
  • Accelerate tax depreciation deductions
  • Recover missed depreciation deductions from prior years
  • Improve cash flow
  • Reduce local property taxes (applicable for specific states)
  • Improve shareholder value and overall health for the property’s holding company based on increased cash flow
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