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1031 Exchange

Madison Exchange, LLC is one of the industry’s premier §1031 specialists and Qualified Intermediaries. The company is known not only for its up-to-the-minute knowledge of the relevant IRS regulations and best practices, but also for its unique ability to structure even the most complex project so that it qualifies as an exchange.

The main reason to consider a §1031 exchange is the opportunity it offers you to preserve your investment capital by deferring capital gains taxes. This allows you to net greater profits, purchase more valuable property and increase your wealth. Exchanges are also a good tax planning mechanism. With a §1031 Exchange, you can:

  • Defer capital gains taxes until you are in a lower tax bracket
  • Shift your investment from one geographic region to another
  • Trade older properties for newer ones and thereby avoid deferred maintenance expenses
  • Diversify your real estate portfolio
  • Improve your cash flow

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