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About Our Joint Ventures

Madison Title Agency, LLC has, over the years, established numerous successful joint title ventures with companies that handle a significant number of real estate transactions. Our partners either buy title insurance or represent others who buy title insurance. These companies, however, are not able to benefit financially from their own purchasing power and client contacts due to legal restriction on payments for referrals. With our partners, we create new, independent, and fully compliant joint title ventures that may lawfully share profits. Capitalizing on our respective strengths, these joint ventures represent additional revenue centers for both Madison and our partners.

Madison's existing infrastructure and reputation for excellence makes us the ideal joint venture partner. In addition to creating a new profit center for the partners, a joint title venture offers them:

  • Seamless Transactions — the entire title transaction is controlled by one party, rather than a series of different parties
  • Quality Control — the partners control the operating policies of the joint venture
  • Customer Service — the joint venture has a dedicated contact person who services its clients alone, resulting in excellent customer service

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