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FALL 2015

The Devil is in the Details - Uncovering Suspicious Real Estate Schemes
Real estate practitioners should be wary of red flags which may signal real estate or mortgage fraud. The real estate industry is adjusting to increased regulation, and there is an increased awareness of the dangers presented by tricksters and thieves. As much as the regulatory systems are required and necessary to protect consumers, the skilled practitioner should also rely on human instinct to sniff out suspicious activity.

It takes the combination of skilled experience and good old-fashioned common sense to protect against potential fraud. An attorney or real estate professional, who is on the lookout for red flags, can hopefully catch a fraudster in action before any damage is done. Read more...

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Professionals in every industry are grappling with the challenge of maintaining the confidentiality and security of business data, an effort that grows in complexity as information becomes increasingly stored and distributed through electronic systems. Rare is the day that passes where we don’t hear a story or read in the news about individuals and companies whose confidential information was accessed and used illegally. Passwords. Emails. Account information. Never has there been a greater need to protect customer and transaction information.
In the real estate industry, clients want – and expect – privacy, confidentiality and security of their personal data and information related to their transactions. Rightly so. At Madison, we are doing everything logical and possible to ensure that information privacy, confidentiality and security are maintained. We continually update staff skills to ensure we are current as industry best practices evolve. Moreover, our heightened vigilance and attention to detail ensures reduced vulnerability to fraudulent schemes. Our customers can rest assured that we are continually bringing our collective knowledge, experience and wisdom to bear in every step of the operations of all Madison companies.

Joseph I. Rosenbaum, President
A Case Study in Real Estate Fraud
Contributors: Transaction information by Michele A. Green, Esq., Vice President and Senior Division Underwriting Counsel - Agency Division, First American Title Insurance Company and Debra Smith, Esq., Associate General Counsel, MCRES.

In a fraudulent real estate scheme recently perpetrated in California, a criminal nearly made off with $3.8 million. Read more...
Under The Wire: Beware of Fraud in Electronic Funds Transfers
Contributor: Debra Smith, Esq., Associate General Counsel, MCRES and Ahuva Saposh, CPA, Chief Compliance Officer, Madison Title Agency

Most fraudulent schemes are operated by individuals, despite what you may read in best-selling thrillers. It is human beings who create the systems, and unfortunately it is human beings who find ways to break them. Read more...

The Shrinking Due Diligence Window in Commercial Real Estate Purchases
The revival of the real estate market is presenting new opportunities for commercial real estate owners and investors across the U.S. Improved lending conditions and the increase of capital availability are driving market growth on its forward momentum. After waiting out the storm of the recession, the commercial real estate market is now re-surging with an influx of deals.
This is good news for real estate owners and investors. However, there is a consequence to the increasing demand for properties: fierce competition. While competition is beneficial to the marketplace, investors should be aware of a secondary effect which may have a negative repercussion on the decision making process; namely the shrinking due diligence window. Read more...

Related Party Transactions and LKE Programs:
North Central Rental & Leasing v. U.S. on Appeal in the Eighth Circuit
When a company is in the business of leasing equipment, such as cars, trucks, airplanes, and even cell phones, the property that it owns and leases out qualifies for 1031 exchange treatment. It is important to the business owner to take advantage of the opportunity to exchange, principally in order to avoid having to recapture depreciation. Read more...

Madison's NYC Office Settles Into Its Permanent Space
The Madison Commercial Real Estate Services family of companies - including Madison Title Agency, Madison 1031, Madison SPECS, LeaseProbe and Real Diligence -- has moved to its new permanent office space in Manhattan.

Located in Midtown, the expanded office space was designed to Madison’s custom specifications, providing a comfortable working environment for the company’s New York workforce and visiting clientele.

New Address
Madison Commercial Real Estate Services
56 W. 45th Street
12th Floor
New York, NY 10036

Latest IRS Tangible Property Regulations Offer New Opportunities for Real Property Owners
The new IRS regulations (per T.D. 9636 under sections 162 and 263) clarify the rules governing the treatment of assets used by taxpayers in their trade or business. Based on the new Regulations, here are four ways in which property owners can minimize their income taxes and increase cash flow.
Spotlight on the Compliance Department
News and Notes talks with: Debra Smith Esq., Associate General Counsel, MCRES and Ahuva Saposh, CPA, Chief Compliance Officer for Madison Title gency.