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Areas of Practice:

CLE, CE, and CPE credits

Admission Restrictions:

Any individual who wants to learn about a given seminar topic is welcome to attend an MLC seminar. Courses are designed primarily for real estate investors, attorneys, paralegals, CPAs, Certified Financial Planners, licensed Realtors, licensed real estate brokers, and other professionals involved in commercial and/or residential real estate. All hours of credit apply to areas of professional practice.

Prerequisite Information:

Madison Learning Center provides advance information to all students specifying the program’s course objectives, required level prerequisite expertise in the subject matter, presentation degree of difficulty, teaching methods, and the number of professional credit hours to be earned.

Course Fees:

Madison Learning Center does not charge a fee for its continuing education courses.

Written Materials:

All material to be given to students is created by Madison Learning Center. A copy of our course materials for each course is available upon request to Lainie Goldberg, Director of Education. Mrs. Goldberg can be reached at 877-Edu-Ctr1 (877-338-2871) or 866-500-6234.

Restrictions on Promotional Efforts:

Promotional materials about Madison Commercial Real Estate Services are available to attendees by request prior to the commencement of the presentation and following the presentation. However, such promotional materials are neither discussed as a topic nor distributed during the program presentation.

Attendance Standards and Make-Up Policy:

Credit shall be awarded only for attendance at an entire course or program, or for attendance at an entire session of a course or program. No credit shall be awarded for attending a portion of a course or a portion of a session. Credit hours may not be earned for repeating the same course or program, in any format, even if the course or program is repeated in a subsequent reporting cycle.

To ensure students stay for the entirety of the course there is a sign-in/sign-out sheet that is maintained at all times by a representative of Madison Learning Center. All attendees must sign in as they arrive and out as they leave the seminar to obtain credits. All certificates are distributed either by email, snail mail or hand delivery within 10 days of the presentation.

Attendance records are retained by Madison Learning Center for a minimum of five (5) calendar years.

Classroom Style Facilities:

Madison Learning Center conducts the program in facilities which typically include a writing surface for each student to take notes; a presentation board (chalkboard, whiteboard, flipchart or screen), adequate space for comfortable individual seating, necessary audiovisual equipment and any other reasonable expectations of a learning environment. Madison Learning Center may utilize conference rooms, space at Madison’s offices, meeting space in hotel conference center, restaurant banquet facility, or other rented or shared spaces that have been set up as a learning environment. The arrangement of classrooms is geared to maximize interaction and communication between the instructor and class.

Program Cancellation:

Scheduled courses will be cancelled only if the instructor is unable to instruct the course on the given day or if a large portion of the students cancel their reservations. Programs will be rescheduled provided that there are an adequate number of students rescheduling. The requisite number of students needed to constitute a rescheduled class is determined on a case-by-case basis. Since there is no fee for the course, there is no refund policy.

Program Updates:

Course content is updated based on any new regulations, trends, developments and student evaluations. The daily operations of Madison Learning Center, the educational arm of Madison Commercial Real Estate Services, its memberships in relevant organizations, professional societies and associations (such as ALTA, the Federation of Exchange Accommodators and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) ensures that Madison Learning Center is continually aware of new developments and any changes in the law and regular practice of title and title insurance issues, leases, landlord/tenant issues, CAM calculations, real estate financial due diligence, tax-deferred exchanges, the IRS Cost Segregation Audit Techniques Guide, IRC Code Section 1250, 1245 and 1031’s promulgated or revised regulations, legislative proposals, Internal Revenue Service interpretations and private letter rulings, applicable developments in case law, business trends or other related matters. Courses and materials are updated periodically to reflect such changes.