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Presenter Eliezer Shaffren, Esq.
In-house Counsel, Madison Title Agency

Eliezer Shaffren, Esq. is in-house counsel for Madison Title Agency, an affiliate of MCRES. He is responsible for clearing complex title matters and overseeing underwriting activities for both commercial and residential transactions in New York. Prior to joining Madison Title Agency, Mr. Shaffren worked for Rubin and Dombeck, LLC, representing clients in various real estate dealings. He was responsible for overseeing a smooth transaction process from negotiation to closing. Previously, he worked for the Office of the Attorney General of New Jersey, conducting research and drafting motions for federal grand jury evidence. Mr. Shaffren interned for a US Bankruptcy Court Judge, District of New Jersey and worked at Alonso, Andalkar and Kahn, where he conducted legal research for an appellate brief used before the New York Supreme Court.

Mr. Shaffren holds a Juris Doctor from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York City, and previously earned his Bachelor’s degree at Yeshiva University. Mr. Shaffren is admitted to the Bar in New York and New Jersey. On a personal level, Mr. Shaffren is active in numerous community organizations. He served as a volunteer EMT and volunteered at the HASC summer program for disabled children.