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Who We Are

Madison Commercial Real Estate Services, LLC originated in 1998 as Madison Title Agency, LLC, a small title company based in Lakewood, New Jersey. It was founded by Joseph I. Rosenbaum and Elliot S. Zaks, local real estate investors who believed that you don’t wait for things to happen, you make things happen. And they’ve been making things happen since day one. In its first year, Madison completed 2,500 transactions and insured more than $1 billion of liability. The company quickly grew to provide a full complement of title services, handling searches, writing policies, managing transactions and providing closing and escrow services in all 50 states.

Since then, the partners have expanded Madison's scope of operations through subsidiaries, affiliates and joint ventures to offer a comprehensive suite of commercial real estate services. These include:

  • Madison 1031, LLC

    A Qualified Intermediary handling §1031 Exchanges.

  • LeaseProbe/Real Diligence

    LeaseProbe/Real Diligence (LPRD) provides, under one roof, the various components required for proper real estate acquisition and lease portfolio management including: financial due diligence, lease abstracts, Argus Runs, Variance Reports, SNDA and Estoppel Certificate Prep, lease administration, CAM Audits and Offering Memoranda.

  • Madison SPECS, LLC

    Providing cost segregation studies.

  • Today, Madison Commercial Real Estate Services is an umbrella organization that offers an array of specialty services for the commercial real estate market through its independent but related companies. Each company excels in a specific, highly targeted service, while the umbrella organization manages corporate functions such as Marketing, Finance, and Human Resources. This corporate structure affords tremendous flexibility and allows services to be customized to fit any circumstance. Because every company operates independently, it is able to respond quickly and accurately to the specific needs of its clients. At the same time, the MCRES affiliation allows each company to tap into expertise beyond its specialty area if and when the situation demands it. The energy that lies at the company’s core continues to attract the brightest, most talented and experienced people, enabling MCRES to offer its growing roster of clients an unparalleled level of commercial real estate expertise.