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Madison Specs - Company Profile

Madison Specs Madison SPECS, LLC is one of the nation's premier providers of expert, engineering-based cost segregation studies. Cost segregation is an IRS-approved process for reclassifying components and improvements in real estate to accelerate depreciation deductions, defer taxes and improve cash flow.

According to the Internal Revenue Code, buildings can be depreciated over either a 27.5-year or a 39-year period. However, certain categories of fixed assets in a building can be depreciated at a faster rate of a five-year, seven-year, or 15-year period, resulting in significant income tax benefits. Combining tax and engineering strategies, cost segregation identifies which fixed assets within the building can be separated out for accelerated depreciation for tax reporting purposes.

Madison SPECS' in-house team of tax accountants and engineers specialize in analyzing construction contracts and building plans in order to identify assets that qualify for shorter recovery periods. Unlike other cost segregation companies, Madison SPECS outsources none of its work. This ensures a more accurate and complete analysis.

Before committing to a cost segregation study, Madison SPECS will perform a no-cost feasibility analysis on any property to show the property owner the financial benefit - year by year - of having a cost segregation study performed vs. not performing the study for a given property.

For more info or to request a free feasibility analysis, call 888.773.2772 or email us at Or to learn more about cost segregation, download our free "All About Cost Segregation" Guide, see how a cost segregation site tour is done or to register for one of webinars, visit us online at