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Jan. 17, 2012

Jan. 26: Lee David Medinets To Present Cle-Accredited Advanced-Level Seminar On §1031 Exchanges To South Carolina Bar Association

COLUMBIA, S.C., Jan. 17, 2012 – Lee David Medinets, Esq., a senior executive at Madison Commercial Real Estate Services (MCRES) in Lakewood, N.J., will present a CLE-accredited seminar at the South Carolina Bar Association on Thursday, January 26 in Columbia. Focusing on §1031 Exchanges, his presentation is entitled “Advanced IRC §1031 Like-Kind Exchanges – Avoiding Disasters and Capitalizing on Them.”

The seminar, organized by Madison Learning Center, will run from 8:30 am to 11:30 am, and will be held at the Bar Conference Center, 1501 Park Street in Columbia. Information and registration can be obtained at (803) 771-0333, (800) 768-7787 or

Medinets is General Counsel for all the affiliates of MCRES and is also Senior Counsel for the MCRES affiliate Madison Exchange, where he is responsible for all legal matters related to §1031 exchange transactions. He is a Certified Exchange Specialist and is recognized as one of the nation’s leading authorities on §1031 Exchanges. He will be conducting similar seminars throughout 2012, with an upcoming presentation at the Missouri Bar Association in February.

Medinets to Provide Strategies for Coping with Serious §1031 Issues
Medinets’ seminar is targeted to real estate, tax and transactional attorneys, along with other professionals with a general understanding of the theory and mechanics of like-kind exchanges. He addresses strategies for coping with a variety of the most serious IRC §1031 issues, including:

  • Natural and Manmade Disasters
    • How clients can benefit from certain types of nationally-declared disasters
    • Choosing between §1031 and §1033 options when property is condemned or destroyed
  • Capitalizing on Financial Disaster
    • Using §108 and §1031 to avoid tax on phantom income when debt is forgiven on properties that are underwater
  • Minimizing Potential Disaster when Business Entities are Transformed
    • Theory and practice of “Drop and Swap” and related strategies
    • How to avoid tax recognition on corporate distributions
  • What Attorneys need to know about §1031 Tax Accounting
    • IRS forms 1099-S, 1065 and 8824
    • Depreciation options for replacement property
    • Cost segregation and §1031
    • Avoiding unintended boot
    • Special rules for parking arrangements
  • Related Parties: Major Potential for Disaster
  • Safe Handling of Funds
    • Constructive receipt
    • Protecting the security of a client’s money

Madison Exchange, LLC, with headquarters in Lakewood, N.J., is one of the affiliated companies of Madison Commercial Real Estate Services and is one of the nation's leading Qualified Intermediaries processing all types of §1031 Exchanges. Under the leadership of senior legal counsel Lee David Medinets, Madison Exchange is known for its up-to-the-minute expertise in tax code regulations and for ensuring that all of its §1031 Exchanges meet IRC guidelines. Madison Learning Center is the educational arm of Madison Commercial Real Estate Services.


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