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Jan. 27, 2010

For The Mann Report: Profile on Lou Weinberg:

Top Title Pro Grows Madison’s Nyc Presence With Clout, Connections

Madison’s Lou Weinberg Builds Title Business the Old-Fashioned Way: An Unwavering Commitment to Service

It is a tough business climate that confronts the real estate industry in 2010 but gloomy forecasts are not slowing down Lou Weinberg, Esq., Vice President and Counsel for Madison Commercial Real Estate Services (MCRES). As one of New York’s leading title insurance professionals, Mr. Weinberg joined MCRES in 2009, where he focuses on the city’s commercial and high-end residential real estate market. He has managed to buck the industry’s current decline through his commitment to a time-tested truism: success lies in giving exceptional service to each and every client. According to Mr. Weinberg, “We are all selling the same product at the same price so the only thing that differentiates me from my competitors is the level of service I provide. Relationships get you in the door but service is what keeps you there.”

Specifically, Mr. Weinberg focuses his efforts on behalf of Madison Title Agency, LLC, MCRES’s flagship company. Madison Title Agency writes title insurance policies and provides closing and escrow services in all 50 states. Madison Title also provides customized REO solutions and bulk transaction management services for individuals and institutions acquiring distressed assets in volume.

Mr. Weinberg brings a wealth of experience to support his personal business approach, having worked in the title insurance industry for more than 25 years. Prior to joining Madison, he spent five plus years as Senior Vice President and Counsel for a major title agency and 18 years as Counsel for North Shore Abstract, Ltd in Great Neck, NY. “I’m an old-fashioned title guy,” he likes to say. “I believe that you retain your current business and build new business by taking a genuine interest in your clients and by being incredibly attentive to their transactions.”

Mr. Weinberg’s established long-term clients, primarily attorneys representing purchasers, serve as ample proof of the value of his “old-fashioned” approach in the cutthroat New York market. His ability to introduce his clients to the full range of MCRES’s specialty real estate services has solidified his position as a trusted advisor to an exclusive circle of top real estate professionals in New York City. “MCRES can serve as a one-stop solution to the diverse needs of my clients,” he notes. “The company offers them tremendous expertise and unquestioned professional integrity.” Among the services that MCRES offers nationwide in addition to Madison Title Agency are:

  • Madison Exchange, LLC, one of the nation’s leading qualified intermediaries processing all types of §1031 Exchanges;
  • Madison SPECS, LLC, which performs cost segregation studies of commercial and residential real estate properties used for business or investment;
  • LeaseProbe, LLC, delivering high-quality, low-cost abstracts and executive reports, lease administration, and CAM audit services;
  • Real Diligence, LLC, which offers timely, accurate and reliable financial due diligence for commercial real estate acquisitions; property management, CAM reconciliation and loan modification services; and distressed asset acquisition support; and
  • Madison Equipment Financing, LLC, specializing in financing equipment for small to medium-sized businesses.

Surveying the general state of the industry, Mr. Weinberg notes, “After the meltdown we experienced in late 2008 and early 2009, I’m seeing a definite uptick in activity. As the panic of last year subsides, more buyers are coming back into the market, but prices are down and inventory remains high. Demand should slowly increase but prices will appreciate at significantly lower levels than in the recent past. In this shrinking market, it is imperative that you maintain your existing clients and you do that by servicing the heck out of them.”

Active in a number of charitable and not-for-profit organizations, Mr. Weinberg demonstrates the same commitment to personal involvement within the larger community as he does in his professional role. He currently serves as President of the Foundation for Supporters of the Disabled (FSD), a foundation that provides grants to community based organizations serving people with developmental disabilities. He also sits on the Board of Directors of PSCH (Promoting Specialized Care and Health), a large not-for-profit agency that operates residential, rehabilitative and vocational programs for more than 3,000 mentally ill and developmentally disabled individuals.


Contact Information:

Lou Weinberg, Esq.
Vice President and Counsel, NY Operations
Madison Commercial Real Estate Services
757 Third Avenue, 20th Floor, New York, NY 10017
Telephone: 866-500-Madison